Who we are

A family that loves to shop

Finding the perfect gift for that special occasion is one of the frustrations of my life. So I started my own shop. It wasn't that easy and it took a lot of time but it was worth the time and effort.

Many of my friends and some colleagues visit my shops to give me advice and sometimes make purchases.  Thank you guys!

This is my drop shipping business and I work from home. I screen my suppliers and shippers so you don't have to. They stand behind their services and I trust them because I used them myself. Many of the products I have tested here in my home with my husband and kids.

I specialize in hard to find, high quality products.

Have questions? Drop us an email to get started! Or visit our shops page.

What we do

Keep it simple

Customer service. Our bottom line is making sure you get high quality items at a price you can afford.

Our refund policy and quantee is geared to our #1 priority, your satisfaction. We want to make it easy, secure and fun to shop with us.

We take your comments and suggestions to improve our service. We remove products, suppliers and shippers that don't make the grade. We enforce fair and honest trade to provide a service you can trust and love.

Our collections and product lines are updated constantly and some products are so unique, we can't keep them in stock. So we find better products for you to review.

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