EngageYour Visitors

Engaging Offers Visitors What They Need

Social Media How to Guide
3 Rules of Social Media

  1. : You don’t have to talk directly with people to be engaged.
  • Sharing is Caring- Broadcast Useful and New Information
  • Beta Test Feature Request

  • : Social media engagement policies and guidelines are a must.
    • To define misuse, abuse and appropriate use
    • Create a list of guiding engagement principles and policies

  • : Be kind, be social, and be consistent.
    • Treat the relationship you have with fans/followers with respect
    • Interacting regularly and maintain a consistent tone

    Three How to Increase Sales Tips

    1. Improve follow-up on sales leads.
    • Fans/Followers believe in the value of your product-follow up with them
    • Improve after the sale follow up to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Try internet search engine positioning.
    • Pay per click marketing generates targeted leads
    • Or hire a specialist firm for online marketing

  • Make sure youre getting the most bang for your advertising buck .
    • Ask customer how they came across your offer
    • Define a process to track your advertising

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